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(1) Only persons appointed by the department shall act as electrical inspectors to represent the state of Montana.

(2) Inspectors shall give information as to the meaning or application of the code to contractors, electricians, or owners for whom the inspectors perform compliance inspections. The inspector shall not design circuitry or perform engineering tasks for the permittee.

(3) State electrical inspectors shall not inspect any electrical work in which they have any financial or personal interest, or which they have installed or repaired.

(4) State electrical inspectors shall have powers as are vested in them by the department, including but not limited to the power to make inspections and to ascertain that none of the provisions of Title 50, chapter 60, part 6, MCA, the National Electrical Code, as amended from time to time, or the Administrative Rules of Montana, Title 24, chapter 301, subchapter 4, Electrical Requirements are being violated.

(5) A state electrical inspector has the right, during reasonable hours while showing proper identification, to enter any building or premise in the discharge of the inspector's official duties to make any inspection or test of electrical equipment that is necessary to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.

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