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(1) These rules and standards are based on the provisions of Title 50, chapter 60, MCA, in order to implement, interpret and make specific and otherwise carry out the statutory provisions relating to the manufacture and sale of factory-built buildings and components thereof.

(2) Factory-built buildings shall meet the requirements of the following nationally recognized construction standards:

(a) the International Building Code as adopted by ARM 24.301.131 or, as applicable, the International Residential Code as adopted by ARM 24.301.154;

(b) the National Electrical Code as adopted by ARM 24.301.401;

(c) the International Mechanical Code as adopted by ARM 24.301.172;

(d) the Uniform Plumbing Code as adopted by ARM 24.301.301;

(e) the International Energy Conservation Code as adopted by ARM 24.301.161;

(f) the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code as adopted by ARM 24.301.175; and

(g) the International Wildland-Urban Interface Code as adopted by ARM 24.301.181.

(3) The requirement listed in 50-60-402(1), MCA, for new factory-built buildings applies to all new units, whether offered for sale, lease or rent, which are first utilized in the state of Montana, regardless of the unit's point of origin or route of delivery. A person cannot arrange to accept delivery of a new unit in an out-of-state location in order to avoid the need for a state of Montana insignia on the unit.

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