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(1) Any manufacturer of units shall make application to the bureau for plan review of a model or model group prior to construction. The application shall include:

(a) the plan and system inspection fees as required by ARM 24.301.565;

(b) the quality control manual as outlined in ARM 24.301.536 and 24.301.543;

(c) substantiating calculations or test results indicating details of construction, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical plans when such details are required;

(d) one copy of the complete plans and specifications drawn on paper of sufficient size to provide complete details of work proposed or presented electronically in such a manner as to provide complete details of work proposed which must show:

(i) dimensioned floor plan(s);

(ii) proposed use of rooms and method of ventilation;

(iii) size, type and location of windows and exterior doors;

(iv) all necessary cross sections;

(v) floor, wall, ceiling, and roof construction details;

(vi) typical connections;

(vii) design live and dead loads;

(viii) grade and quality of materials; and

(ix) substantiating calculations or test results, where required including energy calculations as applicable.

(e) the following electrical specifications must be set forth in the plan:

(i) type and size of feeder assembly;

(ii) voltage and amperage of branch circuit panelboard;

(iii) branch circuit identification, amperage, or overcurrent protection device wire size and type;

(iv) voltage and amperage of fixed appliances;

(v) location of all appliances and fixtures;

(vi) location of all electrical outlets (receptacles and lights);

(vii) number of outlets and appliances on each circuit and circuit rating.

(f) the plan may be drawn to scale or schematic. It must set forth the following mechanical information:

(i) description of all materials, appliances, fittings, pipe, tubing, vents, and ducts;

(ii) BTUH input rating of all fuel burning appliances;

(iii) size of openings for combustion air, except where combustible air is an integral part of an approved appliance;

(iv) size, length, type, and location of vents and vent connectors;

(v) type, minimum dimension, and gauge of air ducts;

(vi) minimum free area and location of circulating air supply inlet; and

(vii) minimum free area and location of all air openings.

(g) the plan may be drawn to scale or schematic. It must set forth the following plumbing specifications:

(i) description of all materials, fixtures, fittings, pipe tubing, shower stalls, and walls;

(ii) diameter and type of pipe and tubing, and length of all trap arms;

(iii) size and type of fittings;

(iv) grade of drainage piping; and

(v) method of securing all piping.

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