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(1) The manufacturer shall submit a manual or shall reference an applicable manual previously reviewed by the bureau, outlining a program of quality control concurrent with their request for plan review. The program outlined must meet the standards of and be reviewed and approved by the bureau. In addition, the manufacturer shall designate a company or corporate officer or other responsible person to be responsible for the quality control program, and shall maintain records to substantiate that each unit has been inspected and complies with the plans as reviewed and approved by the bureau. The bureau may make periodic inspections and may condition the issuance of insignia on compliance with these rules by the manufacturer. Approval of in-plant quality control does not constitute approval of any submitted application, plans, or insignia.

(2) The following specific information is required for the quality control manual:

(a) scope and purpose of the manual;

(b) inspection procedure for basic materials;

(c) material storage and stock rotation procedure;

(d) drawings and bill of material;

(e) types and frequency of product inspection;

(f) sample of inspection control form used;

(g) record-keeping procedures for quality control forms;

(h) list of major pieces of production equipment;

(i) where responsibility for quality control program lies;

(j) test procedural manual, including electrical, gas line, water systems and drain/vent/plumbing fixture tests and type of test equipment used; and

(k) list of test equipment.

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