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(1) No conveyance may be operated prior to inspection by an authorized elevator inspector and issuance of a current certificate of inspection from the department.

(2) Except for registered freight elevators, which require inspection every two years, all other registered conveyances require inspection on an annual basis. The department may require more frequent intervals as part of a plan of correction.

(3) The department will schedule and conduct inspections and will issue a certificate of inspection upon:

(a) payment of the inspection and certificate fees; and

(b) a determination by either a private, licensed elevator inspector or a department inspector that the conveyance is in compliance with the elevator code.

(4) The department will charge the full inspection fee for mutually scheduled inspections in which department inspectors arrive to find the conveyance not yet ready for inspection.

(5) The department may require correction of deficiencies prior to the next annual inspection, as it determines in the interest of public safety.

(6) When a department inspection reveals a deficient condition, the department, within 24 hours, will issue a corrective notice providing the owner or lessee 45 days to correct the deficiencies. Failure by the owner or lessee to correct the deficiencies or to submit a plan of correction acceptable to the department within the time stated will result in the issuance of a formal notice and order to stop operation of the conveyance.

(7) A duplicate certificate of inspection will be issued for no fee.

(8) The fee for each separate department of inspection (annual, biennial, or accident) is:

(a) elevator, escalator, and moving walk    $140 per conveyance

plus $50 per stop

(b) lifts     $100 per conveyance

(c) department processing fee for a condition

report issued by licensed private inspector     $10 per conveyance

(d) certificate of inspection fee $10 per conveyance

(e) initial inspection for elevator, escalator, or moving walk    $140 per conveyance

plus $50 per stop

(9) An owner shall post in a conspicuous place in or on each conveyance, the current certificate of inspection or information on how to obtain a copy of it.


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