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(1) The respondent may file a third-party petition with the court naming anyone not already a party to the action who may be liable to any named party for any or all of the claims asserted in the petition.

(a) The third-party petitioner shall ensure that the third-party petition includes a short, plain statement of the third-party petitioner's contentions with regard to the third-party respondent's liability and may incorporate allegations of the petition and/or the response to the petition.

(b) The third-party petitioner shall file the third-party petition in accordance with ARM 24.5.303 and ARM 24.5.320.

(c) The third-party petitioner shall serve the third-party petition in accordance with ARM 24.5.303.

(2) After filing a response to a petition, the respondent may only attempt to join a third party into a pending case through noticed motion in accordance with ARM 24.5.308 and ARM 24.5.320.

(3) Within the time set forth in ARM 24.5.320, the third-party respondent shall serve upon all parties, and file with the court, a response that complies with ARM 24.5.302.


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