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To obtain a permit to conduct an association or test station sale the following conditions must be agreed to and performed by the applicant:

(1) A custodial account must be established and all proceeds from the sale of livestock and cashed entry fees must be deposited therein to be disbursed to consignors after proper charges have been deducted;

(2) A list of the types of all charges which will or could be imposed on consignors and a description of all rules of the sale including breed registration requirements must be given to consignors at or before the time of consignment;

(3) If the sale is to be conducted by a management firm which will have access to the custodial account or otherwise handle proceeds of the sale the association or test station sponsoring the sale must require the management firm to secure a bond, in an amount set by the board, conditioned upon the prompt payment of sale proceeds to consignors to the sale.  The bond must be obtained from a firm licensed to issue such bonds in Montana.  The bond must be registered with the board;

(4) All consignors must be paid the full sale price of their livestock sold at the sale, less any proper charges, as soon as possible and not later than 30 days after the

date of sale.  When a consignor has failed to meet sale requirements regarding livestock registration or health of which he has been informed at or prior to the time of consignment, payment to him may be made after registration and health requirements have been met and thereafter be paid as soon as possible; and

(5) The person conducting the sale shall comply with all applicable statutes, rules and orders relating to animal health, brand inspection, and the movement of livestock.

History: Sec. 82-8-214 MCA; IMP, Sec. 81-8-214 MCA; NEW, Eff. 4/1/76.

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