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32.2.305    USE OF FEE

(1) The fee assessed hereunder may only be used to gather data and information necessary to compile an environmental impact statement. No fee may be assessed if the department intends only to compile a preliminary environmental review or a programmatic review. If the department collects a fee and later determines that additional data and information must be collected or that data and information supplied by the applicant and relied upon by the department is inaccurate or invalid, an additional fee may be assessed under the procedures outlined in sections 32.2.301, 32.2.302, and 32.2.303 of this rule if the maximum fee has not been collected as provided by rule 32.2.303.

History: Secs. 75-1-202, 75-1-204 MCA; IMP, Secs. 75-1-202, 75-1-205 MCA; NEW; Eff. 6/5/76.

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