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(1) Animals subject to quarantine shall be, as soon as it is practicable, quarantined separate and apart from other susceptible animals. If possible, they shall be quarantined in an inside enclosure.

(2) Quarantined animals shall be identified by brand, tattoo, dye mark, eartag, or other identification acceptable to the Montana Department of Livestock.

(3) The person who issues the quarantine shall designate the number of animals quarantined, their approximate age, breed class, species, sex, a description of the mark or brand identifying the animals, and a clear and distinct identification of the area in which they are to be quarantined.

(4) The person issuing the quarantine shall deliver personally or forward through the United States mail, by registered mail return receipt requested with instructions to deliver to the addressee only, the notice of quarantine to the owner or agent of the animals quarantined.

(5) The person issuing the quarantine shall also immediately deliver notice personally or by mail to the state veterinarian.

(6) Where quarantined animals are shipped for immediate slaughter under permit from the Montana Department of Livestock, the veterinarian issuing the permit will use the approved federal and state form.

(7) Quarantine may be removed by or with the approval of the deputy state veterinarian issuing the quarantine or by any authorized quarantine agent of the Department of Livestock when he is satisfied that, according to generally accepted veterinary practice, the animals are not affected with or have not been directly exposed to a quarantinable disease.


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