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(1) Health certificates are valid for not more than 30 days after the date of inspection, except where otherwise noted in this rule, and may not be issued unless the animals described thereon comply with Montana entry requirements, and the health certificate contains: names and addresses of the consignor and consignee, place of origin of shipment, its final destination, accurate description and identification of each animal, purpose for which they are shipped, and method of transportation. 

(2) It must indicate the health status of the animals involved, including dates and results of inspections, tests and vaccinations required by the state of Montana. A copy of the health certificate must be sent to the state veterinarian of Montana.

(3) The accredited veterinarian issuing the health certificate must certify that the animals shown thereon are free from evidence of any infectious, contagious, or communicable disease or known exposure thereto.

(4) The state veterinarian may waive requirements for animals imported into Montana on a case-by-case basis if granting the waiver does not create a threat of disease to livestock or to the public.

(5) Accredited veterinarians who are approved by the chief livestock sanitary official of the state of origin and accredited veterinarians in the employ of the U.S. Department of Agriculture may inspect animals for entry into the state of Montana.


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