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32.3.207    PERMITS

(1) Permits are issued by the Montana Department of Livestock. Persons applying for permits shall provide the following information: names and addresses of the consignor and consignee, number and kind of animals, origin of shipment, final destination, purpose of shipment, method of transportation, and such other information as the state veterinarian may require.

(2) Permits are valid for no longer than ten days from the date of issuance unless otherwise specified as follows:

(a) blanket:

(i) permanent market, until rescinded;

(ii) temporary market, up to 30 days;

(b) cross border grazer, nine months;

(c) entry extended, 30 days;

(d) equine annual, yearly;

(e) NPIP poultry, yearly;

(f) re-entry, up to 30 days;

(g) semen:

(i) equine, annual;

(ii) bovine, domestic, annual;

(iii) bovine, international, annual; and

(h) six-month horse passport, six months.

(i) biologics, conditional, up to 2 years; and

(j) biologics, permanent, 5 years.

(3) Permits will be issued provided the animals shown thereon are in compliance with these rules. However, in order to cope with changing disease conditions the state veterinarian may refuse to issue a permit or make such conditions not specifically set forth in these rules for its issuance as is necessary to protect livestock health in Montana.

(4) Permits will be provided to persons requesting them immediately upon issue. To facilitate the movement of animals or items required to enter Montana by permit, if the prerequisites have been met, a permit number may be issued by telephone. The permit number so issued must be affixed to the health certificate if required, waybill, brand inspection certificate and any other official documents in this fashion: "Montana Permit No." followed by the number.

(5) When these rules require entry by permit, at the time the permit is issued, the department may require that an official health certificate or other approved documentation be obtained either at the point of origin, the point of destination, or some other location within Montana designated by the department.


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