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(1) Sheep may enter the state of Montana provided they are transported or moved in conformity with ARM 32.3.201 through 32.3.211.

(2) All breeding rams eight months of age and older must have a negative ELISA, or other recognized test, for Brucella ovis within 30 days prior to entry into Montana or originate directly from an officially recognized Brucella ovis free flock. Animals must be individually identified with an approved method of official

individual identification in conformity with ARM 32.3.1308. The date of the last Brucella ovis herd test, if applicable, must be cited on the movement document. All rams must be free of any gross lesions of ram epididymitis upon examination by the certifying accredited veterinarian.

(3) If tested rams are destined for an official Montana free flock they will be held separate and apart from other sheep at destination and officially retested for Brucella ovis 45 days after arrival.

(4) Sheep infected with biting lice may enter by permit only after acceptable insecticide treatment under supervision of an accredited veterinarian.


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