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36.12.1201    PURPOSE AND SCOPE

(1) the purpose of these rules and the goal of the department is to provide for the preservation of the hydrothermal system and features by allowing no impact to them within the reserved land of Yellowstone National Park. These rules are necessary to effectuate the Compact and to establish criteria which are necessary to implement Article IV of the Compact.

(2)All ground water appropriations (wells or developed springs) with a priority date after January 31, 1994 are subject to the following rule provisions.A permit application must be filed with the department of natural RESOURCES AND CONSERVATION if the development will be located within the boundaries of the Yellowstone controlled ground water area.A map of the boundaries is available from the department upon request.

History: 85-20-401, MCA, Article IV; IMP, 85-20-401, MCA, Article IV. I. 5. ; NEW, 1997 MAR p. 469, Eff. 3/11/97.

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