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(1) The engineering design report and the plans and specifications for a construction permit application must contain the following:

(a) engineering design report - The report must address and provide specific information pertaining to the following as appropriate or as specified by the department:

(i) a summary, including those items in ARM 36.14.303 (1) , and a general description of the proposed work, and for repair must include the specific measures to be taken to reasonably ensure the problem will not recur or the solution is the most reasonable and will not impact the safety of the dam;

(ii) appropriate geotechnical, hydrologic, and hydraulic calculations and assumptions relative to design of repairs, enlargement, or alteration of the dam or its appurtenances;

(iii) calculations and assumptions relative to design of repairs, enlargement, or alteration to the structural elements of the dam;

(iv) reservoir operation during the construction, including drawdown and refill schedules; and

(v) seepage control, including complete description of measures taken to protect the integrity of the dam during the construction; and

(b) plans and specifications - Detailed construction plans and specifications must be submitted and must include as a minimum the following:

(i) a cover sheet indicating the name of the project, name of owner, certification by the engineer and the owner pursuant to ARM 36.14.304 (2b) , designated access to the site, and the location with respect to highways, roads, streams, and the dam(s) that are affected by the structure;

(ii) drawings showing appropriate cross section and profile views of the proposed work with center lines and horizontal and vertical control points clearly identified in a sufficiently large scale to clearly indicate the extent and complexity of the work to be performed;

(iii) technical provisions, as may be required, to describe the method of construction and quality control for the proposed work; and

(iv) general provisions that specify the rights, duties, and responsibilities of the owner, engineer, and contractor.

History: Sec. 85-15-110, MCA; IMP, Sec. 85-15-210, MCA; NEW, 1988 MAR p. 2489, Eff. 11/24/88.

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