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36.21.661    CAPPING

(1) At all times during the progress of the work, the well driller shall protect the well in such a manner as to effectively prevent either tampering with the well or the entrance of foreign matter into it. Upon its completion, the well driller shall provide and set a sanitary well cap or welded cap.

(2) Any well to be temporarily removed from service, temporarily abandoned due to a recess in construction, or any well to be temporarily abandoned before commencing service, shall be capped with a sanitary well cap, watertight seal, watertight welded steel cap, or threaded cap. 

(3) Temporarily abandoned wells shall be grouted and sealed to comply with ARM 36.21.654 before the drill rig is removed from the site.

(4) Temporarily abandoned wells shall have an access port as per ARM 36.21.665.

(5) Hydrants, frost-free hydrants, faucets, hose attachments, or discharge hardware that allow siphoning into a well cannot be directly attached to the well casing, pitless adapter, or well cap. Hand pumps, windmills, or other manually operated discharge hardware that have hose connections or attachments and that attach directly to the well casing shall use a vacuum breaker or an anti-siphoning device.  Flowing wells shall be capped and sealed to comply with ARM 36.21.658.


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