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(1) Applications must be signed (for a corporation) by a principal executive officer of at least the level of vice president, or by an agent and attorney-in-fact; or, (for a sole proprietorship) by the sole proprietor; or, (for a partnership) by a general partner. If the application is submitted on behalf of a federal, state, or other public agency, or by a municipality, signature must be of a principal executive or a ranking elected official. The application may be signed by a duly authorized representative if the authorization is made in writing by one of the above described persons, and if the authorization either names an individual or specifies a position having responsibility for the operation of the project. The written authorization will be submitted to the board, and must be promptly replaced if the authorization no longer accurately describes the responsible position or person. Application for enhanced recovery projects must be signed by all operators who will participate in the proposed project, or by the unit operator if the request is part of a plan for unitized operation under 82-11-201 , et seq., MCA. Applications for disposal wells must be signed by the well operator.

History: 82-11-111, MCA; IMP, 82-11-111, 82-11-121, 82-11-123, 82-11-124, 82-11-127, 82-11-137, MCA; NEW, 1992 MAR p. 2171 and 1996 MAR p. 1308, Eff. 5/10/96.

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