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36.22.307    ADOPTION OF FORMS

(1) The forms listed are adopted by reference and made a part of these rules for all purposes, and the same must be used as directed in giving notice and in making reports and requests to the board. Copies of printed forms will be supplied by the board on request.   


Form No. 1

Organization Report


Form No. 2

Sundry Notice and Report of Wells


Form No. 3



Form No. 4

Completion Report


Form No. 5

Report of Subsurface Injections


Form No. 6

Report of Production


Form No. 8

Refiner's Monthly Report of Receipts and Disposition of Crude Oil


Form No. 14

Certificate of Deposit Cash Bond


Form No. 14-2A

Assignment Agreement


Form No. 14-2B

Letter of Credit


Form No. 18

Domestic Well Bond and Lien


Form No. 19

Release Agreement


Form No. 20

Notice of Intent to Change Operator


Form No. 22

Application for Permit (Drill, Deepen or Re-Enter)


Form No. 23

Application for Permit (Earthen Pit or Pond)

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