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(1) The department will issue a license for a community home to any license applicant meeting requirements established by these rules. However, the department may waive in whole or in part procedures for verifying compliance with the requirements of these rules upon receiving written documentation that:

(a) another state agency has already licensed or otherwise approved the operation of the community home, or

(b) a national or state recognized certification process has already been completed and has resulted in certification, accreditation, or other approval of the operation of the community home.

(c) Waiver of procedures for checking compliance as provided in this subsection may occur only where procedures proposed to be waived are clearly already provided for in the accreditation or approval process relied on by the licensing representative. Waiver of procedures must not result in the reduction of standards imposed through licensing requirements.

(2) The department will determine based upon a licensing study whether an applicant meets the requirements.

(3) The department will deny a license to any applicant that fails to meet the requirements established by these rules unless circumstances require that a temporary license be issued or the department determines it is appropriate to issue a provisional license.

(4) The department will issue a license annually on the expiration date of the previous year's license if:

(a) the provider makes written application for issuance at least 30 days prior to the expiration date of its current license; and

(b) the provider continues to meet all standards established by these rules, as determined by the department after a licensing study and upon receipt of certification by the state fire marshal and local health authority.

(5) A community home may be licensed for two or more residents not to exceed eight and, with special written permission from the department, may be licensed for nine to twelve residents.

(6) The department may give special permission for a community home license for 9 to 12 residents if the state fire marshal verifies in writing that:

(a) a manually operated fire alarm system is installed;

(b) all sleeping rooms below street floor level have direct access to the outside of the building; and

(c) any corridor or space necessary for safe exit does not pass an exposed vertical opening; or

(d) there are suitable alternatives to (a) , (b) or (c) already in place and approved in writing by the state fire marshal.

(7) The department may issue a temporary license not to exceed 60 days to any applicant or provider who has not received a fire marshal or health department certification because of unavoidable delays in the certification process.

(8) The department may in its discretion issue a provisional license for any period, not to exceed 6 months, to any license applicant that has met all applicable requirements for fire safety and has submitted a written plan approved by the department to comply fully with all minimum requirements established by these rules within the time period covered by the provisional license.

(a) The department may renew a provisional license if the license applicant shows good cause for failure to comply fully with all minimum requirements within the time period covered by the prior provisional license, but the total time period covered by the initial provisional license and renewals may not exceed 1 year.

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