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(1) The provider shall have a sufficient number of appropriately qualified staff to supervise, care for, and train residents.

(2) There shall be a minimum of one staff person present who is directly responsible for resident care and activities when any resident is in the home. This requirement is not applicable if the resident or residents present in the home have been determined by their individual habilitation planning team to be competent in self-care in such situations.

(3) There shall be a minimum of one appropriately trained person who is directly responsible for planning, implementing and reviewing each community home service and residents' program.

(4) The provider shall employ no staff person who has impairments to his/her ability to protect the health and safety of the residents or who would endanger the physical or psychological well being and progress of the residents.

(5) The provider shall provide an orientation for each new employee during the first week of employment. This orientation shall include familiarization with the residents and the rules of the home, behavior deceleration programs, medical concerns of clients and emergency procedures.

(6) The provider shall provide training for each new employee within the first 30 days of employment. This training shall include:

(a) familiarization with the residents and the community home's philosophy, organization, policies, activities, programs, practices and goals;

(b) first aid, emergency procedures and accident prevention techniques;

(c) the implementation of the normalization principle;

(d) knowledgeably and tactfully dealing with residents, relatives or guardians and visitors;

(e) meeting needs of residents through care, supervision, and training skills;

(f) attaining skill areas in which the employee has not reached the level of competence for the job;

(g) description of duties, responsibilities, limitations of authority and principal measures of accountability and performances;

(h) rights of residents which include at a minimum those rights as defined by the client's rights policy of the developmental disabilities program of the department of public health and human services (DD 441) ; and

(i) aversive and deprivation procedures policy as defined by the developmental disabilities program of the department of public health and human services (DD 442) .

(7) The provider annually shall provide or obtain continuing training and education of the information listed in (5) and (6) (a) through (i) above for each direct care staff.

(8) The provider shall provide documentation and attendance records of training and orientation provided for all new and continuing employees. Agendas, general outlines, narratives and other descriptions may be provided to describe the type of content of said training activities.

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