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(1) In addition to the requirements established in this subchapter, each mental health center providing adult day treatment shall comply with the requirements established in this rule.

(2) The adult day treatment program shall:

(a) operate at least two days a week, for at least four hours a day;

(b) employ or contract with a program supervisor who is knowledgeable about the service and support needs of individuals with a mental illness, day treatment programming and psychosocial rehabilitation. The program supervisor or program therapist must be site based;

(c) provide, by means of a variety of individual and group treatment modalities, therapy and rehabilitation in the areas of independent living skills, crisis intervention, pre-vocational and vocational skill building, socialization, and recreational activities;

(d) structure its treatment activities to promote increasing levels of independence in the client's functioning;

(e) require the program supervisor and all program staff to each have a minimum of six contact hours of annual training relating to adult mental illness and treatment;

(f) maintain progress notes for each client. The progress notes must be entered into the client's clinical record at least every 30 days and upon the occurrence of any significant change in the client's condition; and

(g) maintain a client to staff ratio that may not exceed ten clients to one staff member.

(3) The program supervisor and day treatment program staff must be trained in the therapeutic de-escalation of crisis situations to ensure the protection and safety of the clients and staff. The training must include the use of physical and non-physical methods of managing clients, and must be updated, at least annually, to ensure that necessary skills are maintained.

History: 50-5-103, MCA; IMP, 50-5-103, 50-5-204, MCA; NEW, 1998 MAR p. 539, Eff. 2/27/98; TRANS & AMD, 2002 MAR p. 916, Eff. 3/29/02.

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