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(1) Each mental health center shall make medication management services available to the clients it serves for medications needed to treat their mental illnesses.

(2) Medication management services shall be provided by licensed health care professionals, acting within the scope of their licenses, who are either employed by or contracted with the mental health center.

(3) A mental health center shall have medication management policies and procedures in its policy procedure manual which include, at minimum, the following:

(a) maintaining a current, chronological and dated record of medication orders by the client's licensed health care professional in the client's clinical records;

(b) self-administration of medications by clients;

(c) administering client prescription and over-the-counter medications by licensed health care professionals;

(d) adjusting dosages or prescribing new medications for clients to include the rationale for the use of and changes in the client's medication;

(e) monitoring the client's response to medication or dosage changes;

(f) maintaining a medication administration record for each client documenting medications and dosages prescribed, the client's compliance in taking prescribed medications, doses taken or not taken, any measure taken to obtain compliance, and the reason for omission of any scheduled dose of medication;

(g) documenting any medication errors;

(h) reporting and addressing in a timely manner, any medication errors and adverse drug reactions to the licensed health care professional who prescribed the client's medication, and to the program supervisor and medical director;

(i) providing and documenting education about the effects, side effects, contraindications and management procedures of the client's medication;

(j) providing safe and secure storage of all medications;

(k) providing refrigeration for medication segregated from food items, within the temperature range specified by the manufacturer for medication that requires refrigeration; and

(l) storing medication in the container dispensed by the pharmacy or in the container in which it was purchased in the case of over-the-counter medication, with the label intact and clearly legible.

History: 50-5-103, MCA; IMP, 50-5-103, 50-5-204, MCA; NEW, 2002 MAR p. 916, Eff. 3/29/02.

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