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37.106.301    DEFINITIONS

The following definitions apply in this subchapter:

(1) "Administrator" means the individual responsible for the day-to-day operation of a health care facility.

(2) "Communicable disease" means a disease that may be transmitted directly or indirectly from one individual to another.

(3) "Inpatient" means a person who has been admitted to a hospital for bed occupancy for purposes of receiving inpatient hospital services.

(4) "Medical record" means a written document which is complete, current, and contains sufficient information for planning a patient's, resident's, or client's care, reviewing and evaluating care rendered, evaluating a patient's, resident's, or client's condition, and for providing a means of communication among all persons providing care.

(5) "Observation bed or unit" means a bed or unit within a hospital, critical access hospital, or specialty hospital that includes ongoing short-term treatment, assessment, and reassessment, and is not considered an inpatient bed. Patient stays in observation beds are limited to 48 hours during which time a decision must be made whether a patient requires further treatment as an inpatient.

(6) "Outpatient" means a person receiving health care services and treatment at a facility for a period of less than 24 hours without being admitted as an inpatient to the facility.

(7) "Secured care unit" means a licensed facility or unit of a facility that provides care in an environment where the doors are secured by delayed egress locks 24 hours a day.


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