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(1) A work camp must meet the following structural and maintenance requirements in regard to any shelter it provides for work camp residents:

(a) All rooms and hallways must be provided with at least 10 footcandles of light.

(b) Floors and walls of rooms subject to large amounts of moisture must be smooth and non-absorbent.

(c) Floor and wall-mounted furnishings must be easily moved or mounted in such a way as to allow for easy cleaning.

(d) Toilet and handwashing facilities must be provided and kept clean.

(e) The floors, walls, ceilings, furnishings, and equipment must be kept in good repair, free of hazards, and clean.

(f) The temperature of water for handwashing and bathing must be limited to 120 E F or below.

(g) Bathing facilities must be provided with anti-slip surfaces.

(h) Cleaning equipment and supplies must be provided and accessible to residents in sufficient quantity to meet the housekeeping needs of the facility.

(i) Before a new resident moves into living quarters which were previously occupied, the quarters must be thoroughly cleaned and any necessary repairs to them must be made.

(j) If laundry service is provided by the work camp, the requirements of ARM 37.111.121 must be met.

(k) If housekeeping service is provided by the work camp, the requirements of ARM 37.111.122 must be met.

(2) The department hereby adopts and incorporates by reference ARM 37.111.121, which sets equipment and operation requirements for laundries, and ARM 37.111.122, which sets housekeeping and maintenance standards for public accommodations. Copies of ARM 37.111.121 and 37.111.122 may be obtained from the Department of Public Health and Human Services, Health Policy and Services Division, Food and Consumer Safety Section, 1400 Broadway, P.O. Box 202951, Helena, Montana 59620-2951.

History: Sec. 50-52-102, MCA; IMP, Sec. 50-52-102, MCA; NEW, 1985 MAR p. 934, Eff. 7/12/85; TRANS, from DHES, 2001 MAR p. 2425.

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