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(1) Janitorial and other storage areas that contain toxic or hazardous materials must be kept locked between periods of use. Custodial closets, boiler rooms, and other areas where hazardous or poisonous compounds are stored must be inaccessible to students.

(2) All cleaning compounds and other toxic chemicals not stored in the product container or package in which it was obtained must be stored in a labeled container that clearly identifies the product by name.

(3) Chemicals must be stored as specified by the chemical's Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

(4) The school and school site must be free of objects or conditions which create unreasonable or unnecessary dangers to health or safety.

(5) First aid kits and AEDs must be provided and stored in accessible locations that are easily identifiable to staff and trained personnel.

(6) Playground and school yards must be inspected every month by the facility manager or other school personnel and the inspection must be recorded and records kept on the school site. Inspections must be conducted using a playground safety checklist approved by the department.

(7) Playground inspection results must be made available for review by the local health authority or the department upon request.

(8) Periodic maintenance and repair must be performed on playground equipment according to the manufacturer's specifications. Repairs, not including the leveling of fall protection material, must be documented.

(9) Playground equipment must be maintained in a safe condition.


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