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37.114.201    REPORTERS

(1) With the exceptions noted in (3), (4), and (5), any person, including a physician, dentist, nurse, medical examiner, other health care practitioner, administrator of a health care facility or laboratory, public or private school administrator, day care facility or youth camp personnel, or laboratory professional, who knows or has reason to believe that a case exists of a reportable disease or condition defined in ARM 37.114.203 must immediately report to the local health officer the information specified in ARM 37.114.205(1) and (2).

(2) A local health officer must submit to the department, on the schedule noted in ARM 37.114.204, the information specified in ARM 37.114.205 concerning each confirmed or suspected case of which the officer is informed.

(3) A state-funded anonymous testing site for HIV infection is not subject to the reporting requirement in (1) with regard to HIV testing.

(4) With the exception of a licensed healthcare provider, reporters under (1) may report directly to the department at the department's request with approval of the local health authority.

(5) With the exception of diseases listed in ARM 37.114.204(1) and (2)(a), laboratories, with the consent of the local health officer, may utilize electronic laboratory reporting (ELR) to satisfy (1).


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