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37.114.205    REPORT CONTENTS

(1) A report of a case of reportable disease or a condition which is required by ARM 37.114.204(1) or (2) must include, if available:

(a) first and last name and middle initial, physical address including city, state and zip code, date of birth, gender, race, and ethnicity of the case;

(b) dates of onset of the disease or condition and the date the disease or condition was reported to the health officer;

(c) whether or not the case is suspected or confirmed;

(d) name and address of the case's physician; and

(e) name of the reporter or other person the department can contact for further information regarding the case.

(2) The information required by (1) must be supplemented by any other information in the possession of the reporter which the department or local health officer requests and which is related to case management and/or investigation of the case.

(3) The name or other identifying information of any case with a reportable disease or condition and the name and address of the reporter of any such case are confidential and not open to public inspection.

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