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37.114.563    PERTUSSIS

(1) Infection control precautions must be imposed upon a case of pertussis for five days after the start of antibiotic therapy, or 21 days after the date of onset of symptoms if no antibiotic therapy is given.

(2) An individual identified by the local health officer as a household contact or individual at high risk of severe illness or an individual who has close contact with a person at high risk of severe illness must be referred by the officer to a physician for chemoprophylaxis. Persons at high risk for severe illness include infants under 12 months, pregnant women, or individuals with preexisting health conditions that may be exacerbated by a pertussis infection. Other individuals identified as close contacts may be referred for chemoprophylaxis depending on the circumstances of the case or cases.

(3) An individual identified by the local health officer as a close contact must be monitored by the local health officer for respiratory symptoms for 21 days after the person's last contact with the case.

(4) If an individual identified as a close contact shows respiratory symptoms consistent with pertussis, the health officer must order the individual to avoid contact with anyone outside of the individual's immediate family until a medical evaluation indicates that the individual is not developing pertussis.

(5) Surveillance for susceptible close contacts must be initiated immediately by the local health officer and immediate immunizations recommended by the officer must be administered to identified susceptible close contacts.

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