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37.14.306    EXEMPTIONS

(1) Electronic equipment that produces radiation incidental to its operation for other purposes is exempt from the registration and notification requirements of this subchapter, providing dose equivalent rate averaged over an area of 10 square centimeters does not exceed 0.5 mrem per hour at 5 cm from any accessible surface of such equipment. The production, testing, or factory servicing or such equipment shall not be exempt.

(2) Radiation machines while in transit or storage incident thereto are exempt from the requirements of this subchapter.

(3) Domestic television receivers are exempt from the requirements of this subchapter.

History: Sec. 75-3-202, MCA; IMP, Sec. 75-3-202, MCA; NEW, 1980 MAR p. 1069, Eff. 3/28/80; TRANS, from DHES, 1996 MAR p. 433; TRANS, from DEQ, 2000 MAR p. 189.

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