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(1) The department, in consultation with the vocational rehabilitation council, may implement an order of selection to limit eligibility for vocational rehabilitation services based upon designation by characteristics of specific populations of persons as having priority in being screened for eligibility and in receipt of services.

(2) The categories and ranking for priority of service among applicants and persons otherwise eligible for services are as follows:

(a) priority one is eligible persons with most significant disabilities experiencing serious limitations in three or more functional capacities;

(b) priority two is eligible persons with significant disabilities experiencing serious limitations in at least two functional capacities who are not in priority one; and

(c) priority three is all other eligible persons with disabilities who are not in priorities one or two.

(3) Selection of persons to be screened for eligibility within each priority group is based on the earliest dated application.

(4) Implementation of an order of selection does not affect the status for receipt of services for a person who has been determined to be eligible for vocational services prior to the date on which an order of selection is implemented.

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