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(1) Upon written notification by an agency in control of state property or responsible for the construction or remodeling of state property that a vending facility is desired on the property, or, upon its own initiative, the department shall:

(a) survey the property (or blueprints, plans, and other similar, available information) to determine if the installation of a business enterprise facility for the blind vendors program is feasible and consonant with its vocational rehabilitation objectives; and if it so determined, provide for a business enterprise faciity to be installed on that property by the department.

(2) State agencies which now have a vending facility not administered by the department as a business enterprise facility shall give notice to the department when any existing agreement relating to the management of that facility terminates.  At that time the department may exercise its authority to administer that facility as a business enterprise facility.

(3) The department is responsible for designating business enterprise facility locations on state and other property for the purposes of the blind vendors program.

(4) An agency responsible for state and other property shall at the direction of the department alter the property to make it suitable for a vending facility.

(5) The installation, modification, relocation, removal, and renovation of vending facilities will be subject to prior approval and supervision of the on site official responsible for the property and the department.  The costs of relocation of vending facilities shall be paid by the initiator of the request.

(6) Additional vending facilities may not be installed on property having a business enterprise vending facility unless an agreement is reached between the agency and the department concerning the installation and operation of the competing vending facilities.

History: Sec. 18-5-414, MCA; IMP, Sec. 18-5-411, MCA; NEW, 1983 MAR p. 657, Eff. 6/17/83; TRANS, from SRS, 1998 MAR p. 2040.

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