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(1) In general, a basic program in social studies shall:

(a) meet the following conditions:

(i) use strategies and methods that incorporate multiple perspectives as a basic component of social studies instruction;

(ii) support the democratic process and teach the skills necessary to promote a learning environment to foster individual civic competence; and

(iii) integrate knowledge, skills, beliefs, values, and attitudes within and across the four content areas listed in ARM 10.53.901 to promote active citizenship.

(b) include the following practices:

(i) incorporate inquiry skills and strategies using a variety of both primary and secondary resources;

(ii) promote socialization and social criticism through civil discourse and critical thinking as a commitment to civic responsibility;

(iii) analyze ethical dimensions and social policy implications of issues to provide an arena for reflective development of concern for individual needs and the common good;

(iv) promote decision-making and critical thinking skills and civic responsibilities through active participation across the four content areas listed in ARM 10.53.901; and

(v) nurture an understanding of the contemporary and historical traditions and values of American Indian cultures and other cultural groups of significance to Montana and to society.


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