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(1) The department provides a program of financial assistance for services to persons and modifications to facilities which may be expected to contribute substantially to the rehabilitation of a group of persons with disabilities some of whom are currently or potentially clients of the vocational rehabilitation program.

(2) A service will not be developed or facility modified solely for the purpose of directly benefiting any one person with a disability.

(3) Preference will be given to services or facilities with the potential of benefiting the largest number of persons with disabilities at a minimum cost to the department.

(4) Services are limited to:

(a) correction of a particular structural problem that constitutes a barrier to persons with disabilities;

(b) purchase of equipment that will serve equally and substantively a group of persons with disabilities;

(c) provision of transportation to a group of persons with disabilities; and

(d) provision of instructional materials to persons with disabilities.

(5) Group services are available only to the extent that the services are not otherwise available through other programs or are the financial responsibility of a facility by state or federal law.

(6) Group services assistance is available only for services and modifications that the department determines within its discretion are appropriate under the criteria of this rule and for which there is funding.

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