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(1) Family services must be provided in accordance with the performance requirements in this rule.

(2) The department will enter into contracts with entities to provide family services.

(3) A contractor providing family services must comply with the performance requirements in this rule and the contract.

(4) All facilities, other than the parent's home, used in the provision of services must meet all applicable licensure requirements and health and safety codes.

(5) Policies and procedures must be maintained and implemented to ensure:

(a) a safe, healthy environment for all children served; and

(b) the safe transport of all children.

(6) Supervision, support, care, education, training, health monitoring and medical assistance must be provided in accordance with the needs of the child and as specified by the IFSP or IP team.

(7) Planning teams, in the planning for the provision of services, except for federally funded Part H family education and support services, must consider the level of services the individual is enrolled in and the availability of funds when making decisions regarding specific services to be provided.

(8) An emergency response system must be maintained as specified in the contract to assist children and staff for emergencies such as medical problems, behavior intervention, disasters, and other similar emergencies.

(9) The contractor must participate in the IFSP or IP team process recommending objectives, as applicable, to the team for each child.

(10) Any activities of the IP or IFSP assigned to the contractor must be implemented.

(11) Transportation must be coordinated to assist each family in meeting the child's needs.

History: Sec. 53-20-204, MCA; IMP, Sec. 53-20-205, MCA; NEW, 1995 MAR p. 1136, Eff. 6/30/95; TRANS, from SRS, 1998 MAR p. 3124.

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