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(1) Federally funded intensive family education and support services must be provided in accordance with the performance requirements in this rule.

(2) A contractor providing federally funded intensive family education and support services must comply with the performance requirements in this rule and the contract.

(3) Services must be provided in accordance with the general rules governing home and community services for persons with developmental disabilities at ARM 37.34.901, et seq.

(4) A contractor must be a designated organized health care delivery system.

(5) All services available through other accessible funding sources must be provided through those sources prior to any expenditure through federally funded intensive family education and support services.

(6) At least one contact each month with or on behalf of a family for the purpose of providing support coordination, direct services or to provide supervision and consultation to subcontracted personnel must be documented.

(7) The residential status of each child on the caseload must be reported to the regional manager at the beginning of the fiscal year.

(8) All possible or actual movement from a natural home or a foster home must be reported to the regional manager as soon as possible.

(9) Recruitment activities must be done for the purpose of securing and maintaining foster families willing to consider long-term placement, including shared care or back-up foster families, respite providers and emergency placement providers.

(a) Recruitment activities and results must be coordinated with the department of family services.

(b) Families interested in providing foster care must be screened in cooperation with the licensing agency.

(10) No more than one person with severe disabilities may be placed in a home.

(11) A foster family under consideration must meet the child and, when possible, the child's natural parents, and a trial visit must take place prior to the decision regarding placement.

(12) Documentation of agreements with families and subcontracted personnel to provide paid habilitation services must be maintained.

(13) Habilitation programs must be carried out in accordance with each child's IFSP.

(14) A cost projection sheet corresponding to the plan of care must be developed at no less than 6 month intervals. The cost projection sheet must conform to allowable costs and identify funding sources.

(15) A contractual requirement that intensive family support funds be portable to another qualified intensive family support contractor must be complied with.

(16) Each family on the waiting list must be contacted at least annually to determine their continuing need for services and provide information and referral.

(17) Selection for a service opening must be made in accordance with departmental procedures.

(a) The department's regional office must be notified of service openings.

(b) Each family on the waiting list must be informed of any service openings.

(c) Written notice of screening decisions must be provided to interested families. Written notice includes description of the department's procedure for requesting a fair hearing.

(18) The provision of services to eligible children must be reported on a separate quarterly and final expenditure report for Montana's home and community services program for persons with developmental disabilities.

(19) The contractor must recruit and maintain an up-to-date list of persons who are available to provide respite care within the geographic area served by the contractor.

(a) All persons who are recruited and maintained on the list must receive orientation.

(b) Orientation must at the minimum include:

(i) familiarization with the contractor corporation and its role in the provision of respite services; and

(ii) familiarization with a family information profile form and procedures for using the profile.

History: Sec. 53-20-204, MCA; IMP, Sec. 53-20-205, MCA; NEW, 1995 MAR p. 1136, Eff. 6/30/95; TRANS, from SRS, 1998 MAR p. 3124.

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