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(1) The goal of the department is to develop a coordinated, comprehensive, statewide network of local domestic violence programs. In keeping with this goal, grants will be allocated for:

(a) expansion or maintenance of existing programs;

(b) new programs; and

(c) innovative programs with the potential for replication.

(2) The department reserves the right to fund all or part of a program or to reject a grant application.

(3) The department will make the final decisions on grant awards.

(4) Grants will be awarded annually for a maximum of twelve months. Applications for renewal will be evaluated in the same manner as new applications.

(5) Applications for grant awards are to be received by the department by June 1. Decisions for grant awards will be made on or before June 15 with awards to be made on July 1.

(6) The department shall award grants to locally controlled units such as a non-profit board or administrative body that shall be responsible and accountable to the department under an agreement based on the grant application.

(7) The department shall require quarterly progress and final reports.

(8) The department shall require expense records and reports. Funds granted shall be used only for the purposes outlined and described in the application and approved by the department. Programs awarded grants are subject to audit by the office of the legislative auditor and the department.

(9) The department will monitor programs awarded grants.

(10) Applications submitted to the department become government documents subject to public scrutiny. Names of individuals or information about facilities that require confidentiality protection will not be disclosed.

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