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10.55.701    BOARD OF TRUSTEES

(1) The local board of trustees shall ensure that the school district complies with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.  

(2) Each school district shall make available to the staff and public:

(a) an integrated strategic action plan that includes a graduate profile as outlined in ARM 10.55.601;

(b) sequential K-12 curriculum for each program area that aligns to the content standards, content specific grade-level or grade-band learning progressions, and program area standards;

(c) policies establishing student assessment procedures that ensure evaluation of the district's curriculum and student learning. These procedures shall specify how and when data are to be collected, analyzed, and reported;

(d) policies providing descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of the local board of trustees, superintendent, and personnel employed by the school district;

(e) a policy addressing grievances for students, families, staff, and stakeholders; and

(f) any other policies required by state or federal law.

(3) The local board of trustees shall establish conditions that contribute to a positive school climate which:

(a) implement family and community engagement strategies as found in ARM 10.55.722; and

(b) engage in a continuous school improvement process that is aligned with the school district's integrated strategic action plan.

(4) The local board of trustees shall develop, with stakeholder input, an integrated strategic action plan to which the district graduate profile is aligned.

(5) The local board of trustees with meaningful stakeholder involvement shall establish and implement such additional policies as the board deems necessary that:

(a) provide for the safety and well-being of all students and staff;

(b) emphasize student learning and each student's growth;

(c) allow for personalized and proficiency-based learning models; and

(d) establish other policies for the effective operation of the school district.


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