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(1) Foster care reviews must specifically consider the following:

(a) Are the child, parents, foster parents receiving appropriate services designed to get the child home?

(b) Have reasonable efforts been made by the placing agency to return the child to his or her home?

(c) Can the child return home? If not, why not? What efforts must be made by the parents and agency before the child can return home?

(d) In the interim, is this placement the least restrictive, most appropriate and as close as possible to the parents' home so as to facilitate visitation?

(e) Does the child's treatment plan need to be modified?

(f) By what date may it be expected that the child will return home, be placed for adoption or other alternative permanent placement situation (i.e., permanent foster care or guardianship) ?

(g) To what extent have the parents visited the child, what attempts has the placing worker made to facilitate visitation, and any reason why visitation has not happened?

(2) The committee shall be provided with written information by the placing agency necessary to answer all questions found in (1) of this rule 10 days prior to their meeting date. Supporting documentation available for review at the committee meeting shall include:

(a) current social information;

(b) placement history;

(c) treatment plan;

(d) description of activities and observations of worker;

(e) court orders;

(f) available psychological and psychiatric information regarding the child/family;

(g) placement worker's recommendation for continued placement or return to the family.

History: Sec. 41-5-807, MCA; IMP, Sec. 41-5-807, MCA; NEW, 1982 MAR p. 609, Eff. 3/26/82; TRANS, from Dept. of SRS, 1987 MAR p. 1492, Eff. 7/1/87; TRANS, from DFS, 1998 MAR p. 488.

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