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(1) If screening results on an infant's blood specimen are within the expected or normal range the department will report the results to the submitter of the specimen and, in addition, to the infant's healthcare provider(s) upon request.

(2) If the infant's blood specimen is of unsatisfactory quality for testing, the department will notify the submitter of the need for collection of an additional specimen. The submitter must ensure collection of this specimen in a timely manner within three days of notification.

(3) If screening results on an infant's blood specimen are outside the expected or normal range:

(a) the department will report results to the submitter of the specimen and to the healthcare provider(s) for the infant. Recommendations for follow-up actions contained in the report are determined by the department;

(b) the provider(s) will ensure that all repeat screening, confirmatory testing, or both, as recommended, is collected and submitted to the department or an approved laboratory within 48 hours or as clinically appropriate;

(c) if a referral to a contracted specialist is made by the department, the specialist will ensure that all confirmatory testing results and final diagnosis are reported to the department within one week of the determination of the final diagnosis.

(4) An approved laboratory for confirmatory testing following out-of-range blood screening results includes any state or territorial health department laboratory and any laboratory within their jurisdictions which is approved by them, a U.S. public health service laboratory, a laboratory operated by the U.S. Armed Forces or Veteran's Administration, a Canadian provincial public health laboratory, and any laboratory licensed under the provisions of the Clinical Laboratories Improvement Act of 1967, as amended.

(5) Each person in charge of any health care facility and each person responsible under ARM 37.57.307 for a birth occurring outside a health care facility must report to the department regarding pulse oximetry screening per department guidelines.

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