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10.55.803    LEARNER ACCESS

(1) Equal opportunity to learn is a primary consideration of all program areas, at all levels. In order to integrate this concept throughout the education program, the local board of trustees shall develop and implement processes for assessing the educational needs of its students.

(2) In implementing curriculum in all program areas, the local board of trustees shall:

(a) provide learning experiences matched to students' interests, readiness, and learning styles;

(b) recognize individual and cultural diversity and differences among learners, including American Indians. Cultural and language differences should be viewed as valuable and enriching resources and should take into account the unique needs of American Indian students and other minority groups;

(c) ensure integration of the history, contemporary portrayals, and contributions of American Indians, with an emphasis on Montana Indians, across all content areas;

(d) provide learning resources that are relevant, culturally inclusive, and current;

(e) provide opportunities for individual self-direction and decision making;

(f) provide equal access to learning resources;

(g) provide instructional materials that support the adopted curricula; and

(h) provide books and materials that reflect authentic historical and contemporary portrayals of American Indians.

(3) The local board of trustees shall identify, using appropriate criteria, students who may be at risk or in need of special services.


History: 20-2-114, MCA; IMP, 20-2-121, MCA; NEW, 1989 MAR p. 342, Eff. 7/1/89; AMD, 2000 MAR p. 3340, Eff. 12/8/00; AMD, 2012 MAR p. 2042, Eff. 7/1/13.

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