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10.55.803    LEARNER ACCESS

(1) Equal opportunity to learn is a primary consideration of all program areas, at all levels. In order to integrate this concept throughout the education program, the local board of trustees shall develop and implement processes that ensure each learner has access to the following: 

(a) high quality instruction provided by a qualified educator that meets each of the following criteria:

(i) engages students in authentic learning experiences that tie to their interests;

(ii) includes students in activities and given equal opportunity;

(iii) uses formative and interim assessments to guide instruction;

(iv) supports student metacognition, self-assessment, and reflection; and

(v) provides opportunities for individual self-direction and decision making;

(b) rigorous learning activities that are complex, engaging, can be accessed by all learners, and match student interests;

(c) standards aligned curriculum and instructional materials that are place based, culturally diverse, honor differences among learners, reflect authentic historical and contemporary portrayals of American Indians, and include opportunity for choice and voice;

(d) technology hardware and software appropriate to support individual student learning;

(e) time for learning that includes opportunities for multiple modalities, collaboration in a variety of configurations, and student discussion;

(f) supportive learning environment that provides a safe physical space for learning, furniture and other fixtures that provide adequate space for students to fully engage in learning activities, is accessible to all learners, regardless of physical limitations; and

(g) other resources, such as after school programming, tutoring, paraprofessionals, counselors, librarians and libraries, and support staff.


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