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(1) In accordance with 20-4-111, MCA, district administrators who have exhausted all possibilities for hiring a licensed teacher may request that the Superintendent of Public Instruction issue an emergency authorization of employment to the district to employ a person to teach. The following requirements must be met to ensure consideration of the request:

(a) The request must originate with the school district.

(b) The position must have been advertised at least statewide far enough in advance to reasonably enable qualified applicants to submit applications and be interviewed.

(c) The individual for whom the emergency authorization is being sought shall not be currently endorsed in the area of requested authorization and shall:

(i) have previously held a teacher or specialist license; or

(ii) provide acceptable evidence of academic qualifications or significant experience related to the area for which the emergency authorization of employment is being sought.

(2) An emergency authorization of employment is valid for one year.

(3) Experience as a classroom teacher when authorized pursuant to this rule qualifies as teaching experience as defined in ARM 10.57.102(14).


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