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(1) A household is eligible for the Low Income Weatherization Assistance Program (LIWAP) if:

(a) the household satisfies the financial requirements of (2)(a) or (b) of this rule; and

(b) the household's dwelling satisfies the nonfinancial requirements of ARM 37.71.601.

(2) A household is financially eligible for LIWAP if:

(a) the household is eligible for Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) for the current heating season; or

(b) the household is not eligible for LIHEAP for the current heating season because the household's countable income exceeds 150% of the federal poverty level (FPL), but:

(i) the household's countable income does not exceed 200% of the FPL; and

(ii) the household is otherwise eligible for LIHEAP.

(3) If a household has not applied for LIHEAP for the current heating season but wishes to receive weatherization services through LIWAP, the household must complete a LIHEAP application and comply with all requirements of ARM 37.70.305 and 37.70.311. The household is not required to accept LIHEAP benefits in order to receive weatherization services.

(4) In determining whether a household's countable income is at or below 200% of the FPL, the provisions of ARM 37.70.401, 37.70.406, and 37.70.407 will be applied.

(5) In determining whether a household is otherwise eligible for LIHEAP the provisions of ARM 37.70.110, 37.70.401, and 37.70.408 will be applied.


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