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(1) Montana Class 1, 2, 3, and 6 educator licenses may be renewed with verification of 60 renewal units earned during the five years of validity through August 31 of the year the license expires.

(2) Participation in renewal activities is equivalent to the following renewal units:

(a) one hour of attendance at a professional development activity = one renewal unit;

(b) one quarter college credit = 10 renewal units;

(c) one semester college credit = 15 renewal units.

(3) Renewal activities used to renew all licenses must be a planned and structured experience, of benefit to the licenseeʹs professional development as defined in ARM 10.55.714, an exposure to a new idea or skill or an extension of an existing idea or skill, and in compliance with (4).

(4) Activities acceptable to renew licenses are professional development, training, workshops, or coursework consistent with PK-12 public school curriculum and may include:

(a) credits earned from a regionally accredited college or university;

(b) activities offered by renewal unit providers approved pursuant to ARM 10.57.216 and documented on an OPI renewal unit certificate;

(c) other professional development activities offered by providers who have not been approved as a renewal unit provider pursuant to ARM 10.57.216, when licensees have received approval for the professional development activity from the Superintendent of Public Instruction;

(d) another state's validated professional development activities other than college or university credit when the intent and structure of the process ensures the meeting or exceeding of Montana renewal unit requirements for licensure;

(e) the instruction of a relevant college or university course by a Montana licensee who has achieved a graduate degree in an endorsed field of specialization; or

(f) verification of completing the National Board Certification (NBC) process through the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards or successfully achieving and renewing NBC licensure shall result in 60 renewal units. NBC renewal units may apply to renewal of an expiring license.

(5) The licensee shall be solely responsible for retaining the renewal unit verification to be used in the application for license renewal.


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