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(1) The program conducted in a child care center must be written and must provide experiences which are responsive to the individual child's pattern of chronological, physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth, and well being. Both active and passive learning experiences must be provided under direct adult supervision.

(2) The requirement in (1) must be deemed to have been satisfied if the licensing representative has been able to observe the daily program in operation, reviews the written daily program, and confirms the program is based upon the criteria below:

(a) the center maintains an ongoing process of parent-staff cooperation in development and modification of program goals;

(b) the center provides a diversity of experiences during the day for each child with opportunity for quiet and active experiences, group and individual activities, the exercise of choice, and experience with different types of equipment, and materials;

(c) the center provides developmentally appropriate opportunities during the day when the child can take responsibility, such as getting ready for snacks or meals, getting out or putting away materials, taking care of the child's own clothing, and assisting in planning activities;

(d) the center provides experiences for children to learn about the world in which they live including opportunities for field trips to places of interest in the community and/or presentations by family and other community people to further expand the exposure and experiences of the children. Early childhood teachers are required to secure a release from parents before children are taken on field trips;

(e) the center provides learning experiences for the children regarding the value of food in relation to growth and development; and

(f) the center provides opportunities for children to develop language skills and to improve readiness for reading and writing by regularly exposing the children to books, drama, poetry, music, and other forms of expression.


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