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(1) A child care agency shall employ an administrator to direct and manage the child care agency. The administrator's duties specifically include but are not limited to directing the care and services provided to youth, personnel matters, and any other specific matters determined by the board of directors of the child care agency.

(2) The administrator is the person who is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the child care agency is in compliance with applicable licensing rules and ensuring that staff are familiar with and complying with all of the child care agency's policies and procedures.

(3) An administrator shall meet the following qualifications in addition to the general qualifications for direct care staff:

(a) a bachelor's degree;

(b) two years experience working with youth and two years experience in staff supervision and administration;

(c) completion of initial staff training; and

(d) at least 16 contact hours of annual continuing education relevant to the individual's duties and responsibilities as administrator of the child care agency.

(4) Each child care agency shall employ an adequate number of trained professionals to provide the following services for each youth in care:

(a) plan for a youth's admission, coordinate the case plan and overall treatment plan, negotiate for the necessary resources for the youth, and prepare the youth for discharge and return to the family or other placement;

(b) serve as advocate for the youth and liaison with the family, the referring party, and the community;

(c) prepare and maintain all required records and reports regarding the youth;

(d) provide post-placement plans and services and make the necessary referrals;

(e) assist the youth and staff to adjust to the youth's placement; and

(f) record the youth's reactions to the child care agency, school, other youth, staff, and family, and participate in staff discussion regarding progress and plans for the youth.

(5) Those persons providing social services shall have a bachelor's degree in a behavioral science and experience in areas related to child care or social services in addition to the general qualifications for direct care staff defined in ARM 37.97.132.

(6) Maternity homes shall employ an adequate number of trained professionals to provide the following services to residents:

(a) decision-making counseling to explore adoption and parenting options;

(b) family systems counseling to explore parenting roles and potential abuse and neglect issues; and

(c) prenatal and parent education.

(7) If a child care agency conducts a formal education program for children in care, teachers must have the same minimum qualifications as comparable teachers in the public and private schools of Montana.

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