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(1) A deposit may be required under the following circumstances:

(a) Where the applicant has failed to establish a satisfactory credit history as outlined above.

(b) In any event, a deposit may be required when within the 12-months prior to the application, the applicant's service of a similar type has been disconnected for failure to pay amounts owing, when due; where there is an unpaid, overdue balance owing for similar service from the utility to which application is being made or from any similar utility; or where two or more delinquency notices have been served upon the applicant by any other utility company during the 12-months previous to the application for service.

(c) Initiation or continuation of service to a residence where prior customer still resides and where any balance for such service to that prior customer is past due or owing.

(d) Where the customer has, in an unauthorized manner, interfered with the service of the utility situated or delivered on or about the customer's premises within the last five years, if the finding of unauthorized interference or use is made and determined after notice and opportunity for hearing is provided to the customer and is not in dispute.

History: 69-3-306, MCA; IMP, 1975 HJR 27; NEW, Eff. 4/5/77; AMD, 1978 MAR p. 721, Eff. 5/26/78.

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