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38.9.102    DEFINITIONS

Terminology used in these rules have the meanings assigned in the act and this rule, unless the context clearly dictates otherwise:

(1) "Account" means the radioactive waste transportation monitoring, emergency response, and training account as provided in 10-3-1304 , MCA.

(2) "Act" means the Montana High-Level Radioactive Waste and Transuranic Waste Transportation Act, codified at 10-3-1301 through 10-3-1310 , MCA.

(3) "Department of transportation" means the Montana department of transportation as provided at 2-15-2501 , MCA.

(4) "Disaster and emergency services division" means the disaster and emergency services division of the Montana department of military affairs as referenced in 20-3-1304 , MCA.

(5) "Highway patrol" means the Montana highway patrol as provided at 44-1-101 , MCA.

(6) "Local authority" means Montana counties, incorporated cities, and Indian nations and associated qualifying local emergency response entities.

(7) "Originating shipper" means the owner or the person designated by the owner or by law to arrange for transportation of the radioactive waste.

(8) "Owner" means the person who owns the radioactive waste.

(9) "Public safety answering point" means a communications facility operated on a 24-hour basis that first receives 911 calls from persons in a 911 service area and that may, as appropriate, directly dispatch public or private safety services or transfer or relay 911 calls to appropriate public safety agencies.

(10) "Public service commission" means the transportation and centralized services division of the Montana department of public service regulation, public service commission, as referenced at 2-15-2601 , 2-15-2602 , and 69-1-101 , MCA.

(11) "Radioactive waste" means high-level radioactive waste, spent nuclear fuel, or transuranic waste as defined at 10-3-1303 , MCA.

(12) "State authority" includes the disaster and emergency services division, department of transportation, highway patrol, and public service commission.

(13) "Transporter" means a railroad or motor carrier transporting radioactive waste.

History: 10-3-1309, MCA; IMP, 10-3-1309, MCA; NEW, 2004 MAR p. 1628, Eff. 7/23/04.

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