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(1) An individual who uses cyanide capsules in M-44 devices must be a licensed or permitted applicator as required in ARM 4.10.201 or 4.10.401. All individuals must pass a written examination as required in ARM 4.10.203(3)(a) and (4)(a) and attend a training course sponsored by the department. The training course includes, but is not limited to:

(a) The safe use and handling of the capsules and the M-44 ejector device;

(b) The proper use and handling of personal protective equipment;

(c) Instructions and practical demonstration on the proper placement of the M-44 ejector device;

(d) Federal, state, and local laws and regulations on the cyanide capsules and M-44 devices;

(e) Labels, biology of wild canids, environmental considerations, disposal, and storage; and

(f) Record keeping requirements.

(2) Applicators maintaining their license for four consecutive licensing periods are required to follow ARM 4.10.203(5)(a) and (b), (6), and (7).

(3) Licensed commercial M-44 applicators are exempt from the financial responsibilities required in ARM 4.10.101 through 4.10.103. These applicators must comply with all the requirements in ARM 4.10.104 through 4.10.108 on liability.

(4) Applicators using the M-44 device must have the Use Restriction Bulletin on their person and must use the M-44 device in accordance with the M-44 cyanide capsule label.


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