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(1)  The following definitions are for the purpose of clarifying the term "commercial feed" pursuant to 80-9-101, MCA:

(a)  "chemically changed" means change in elemental composition, atomic structure, or mass which may be caused by application of heat, pressure, reactants, solvents or catalysts;

(b)  "cube" means a feed product that has fibers with a typical length of about one inch, ground to a lesser degree than a pellet, and is compressed and passed through an opening of one inch or larger;

(c)  "entire" means substantially complete or whole and identifiable to seed species; and

(d)  "physically altered" means changes in physical characteristics such as density, shape, and color.   Examples of physical alterations include grinding, removal of hulls, dry rolling, compaction, crimping, and flaking.

(2)  The following feeds are exempted from the definition of commercial feed when they are not ground, are not intermixed with other materials, and are not adulterated within the meaning of 80-9-204, MCA:

(a)  hay or straw that is baled, cubed or loose;

(b)  litter for livestock and pets whether litter is whole plants or parts of plants;

(c)  stover for litter or fodder consisting of the stalks and leaves of corn, sorghum or other plants after the ears or heads have been removed;

(d)  fodder consisting of whole plants, whether green or cured, used as forage;

(e)  silage;

(f)  corn cobs whether whole or with kernels removed;

(g)  husks and hulls including seed screenings;

(h)  raw meats; and

(i)  crimped, rolled or compacted entire seeds whether conditioned or steamed.

History: Sec. 80-9-101 and 80-9-103, MCA; IMP, Sec. 80-9-201, 80-9-202, 80-9-203, 80-9-204 and 80-9-206, MCA; NEW, 2000 MAR p. 3333, Eff. 12/8/00.

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