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4.12.604    LABELING

(1) The following information, in the format presented, is the minimum required for all fertilizer labels. For packaged products, this information shall either appear on the front or back of the package, occupy at least the upper third of a side of a package, or be printed on a tag and attached to the package. This information shall be in a readable and conspicuous form. For bulk products, this same information in written or printed form shall accompany delivery and be supplied to the purchaser at the time of delivery.

(a) Net weight

(b) Brand

(c) Grade (Provided that the grade shall not be required when no primary nutrients are claimed).

(d) Guaranteed analysis*:

Total Nitrogen (N)** ...................................______%

% Ammoniacal Nitrogen

% Nitrate Nitrogen

% Water Insoluble Nitrogen

% Urea Nitrogen

% (Other recognized and determinable forms of N)

Available Phosphate (P205) ____%

Soluble Potash (K20). ____%

(Other nutrients, elemental basis)***……....____ % 

*Zero guarantees should not be made and shall not appear in statement except in nutrient guarantee breakdowns.

**If chemical forms of N are claimed or required, the form shall be shown. No implied order of the forms of nitrogen is intended.

***As prescribed by regulation 4.12.601.

(e) Sources of nutrients shall be listed below the completed guaranteed analysis statement.

(f) Beneficial substances or compound guarantees shall appear under the heading "Contains Beneficial Substances" or "Contains Beneficial Compounds":

Contains Beneficial Substances

Beneficial Substance.........._____% or acceptable units

Purpose Statement:


Contains Beneficial Compounds

Beneficial Compound.........._____% or acceptable units

Purpose Statement:

(g) Name and address of registrant or licensee.

(h) Directions for use for fertilizer distributed to the end user.

(i) For specialty fertilizer, minimum directions for use shall include:

(A) Recommended application rate or rates in units of weight or volume per unit of area coverage (where application rates are given in volume, the label shall provide sufficient information to calculate the application rates by weight); and

(B) Application timing and minimum intervals to apply the product when plants can utilize nutrients; and

(C) The statement "Apply Only as Directed" or a statement of similar designation.

(ii) For all other fertilizers, minimum directions for use shall include at least one of the following:

(A) A statement such as:

Use in accordance with recommendations of a qualified individual or institution, such as, but not limited to, a certified crop advisor, agronomist, crop extension publication, or apply according to recommendations in your approved nutrient management plan; or,

(B) Detailed directions for a specific use.

(iii) For slowly released plant nutrients:

(A) No fertilizer label shall bear a statement that connotes or implies that certain plant nutrients contained in a fertilizer are released slowly over a period of time, unless the slow release components are identified and guaranteed at a level at least 15% of the total guarantee for that nutrient(s).

(B) Types of products with slow release properties recognized are:

(I) water insoluble, such as natural organics, ureaform materials, ureaformaldehyde products, isobutyidene diurea, oxamide, etc.;

(II) coated slow release, such as sulphur coated urea and other encapsulated soluble fertilizers;

(III) occluded slow release, where fertilizers or fertilizer materials are mixed with waxes, resins, or other inert materials and formed into particles; and

(IV) products containing water soluble nitrogen such as ureaform materials, ureaformaldehyde products, methylenediurea (MDU), dimethylenetriurea (DMTU), dicyanodiamide (DCD), etc. The terms, "water insoluble", "coated slow release", "slow release", "controlled release", "slowly available water soluble", and "occluded slow release" are accepted as descriptive of these products, provided the manufacturer can show a testing program substantiating the claim (testing under guidance of Experiment Station personnel or a recognized reputable researcher acceptable to the department). A laboratory procedure, acceptable to the department for evaluating the release characteristics of the products(s) must also be provided by the manufacturer.

(C) Until more appropriate methods are developed, AOAC International Method 970.04 (15th Edition) is to be used to confirm the coated slow release and occluded slow release nutrients and others whose slow release characteristics depend on particle size. AOAC International Method 945.01 (15th Edition) shall be used to determine the water insoluble nitrogen or organic materials.

History: 80-10-301, MCA; IMP, 80-10-204, MCA; NEW, Eff. 8/4/76; AMD, 2010 MAR p. 1795, Eff. 8/13/10.

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