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(1) Liquor products that can be obtained without substantial inventory investment to the department will be made available for sale to state agency liquor stores based on historical demand.

(2) Each product a vendor seeks to sell in Montana must be approved by the department. In order to consider the product for approval, the department must receive a picture copy of the product's primary packaging.

(3) Liquor products are a mature product category, restricted by law to only consumers age 21 or older and who are not intoxicated, and therefore should be marketed in a responsible and appropriate manner. The department, in its discretion and on a case-by-case basis, will not approve a liquor product that:

(a) blurs the distinction between an alcoholic and nonalcoholic product by utilizing labeling and/or primary packaging that emphasize features that are most commonly associated with nonalcoholic consumable products including, but not limited to:

(i) aerosol cans;

(ii) gelatin cups;

(iii) hollow candies; or

(iv) mason jars that contain fruit;

(b) uses flavors that are designed to target or particularly appeal to underage persons, such as:

(i) bubble gum; or

(ii) cotton candy;

(c) contains graphics or elements that:

(i) are designed to target or particularly appeal to underage persons;

(ii) minimizes, fails to identify, or disguises that the product contains alcohol; or

(iii) alludes to or suggests irresponsible, excessive, or underage consumption;

(d) requires specialized handling requirements such as frozen or refrigerated products; or

(e) is in powdered or crystalline form.

(4) Products will not be made available in the state of Montana through the state liquor warehouse if the container, flavor, label, or advertising contains inappropriate or illegal content.

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